Q: How do I get started in Tai Chi Chuan?

A: Start by attending an INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP to find out more about Tai Chi, learn some of the exercise and begin your Tai Chi practice. The Workshops are held prior to every new class start. After you have attended a workshop you will have the opportunity to join our NEW BEGINNING CLASSES. All workshops and classes are held at the Tai Chi Chuan Center, 733 E. Locust Street, Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Please refer to the home page for current new class updates, or join our mailing list to receive new class info by email.

Q: I'm not in very good shape, can I still do Tai Chi?

A: Tai Chi is highly adaptable for people of all ages, in all states of health or physical condition. People with serious health issues should consult their doctor before enrolling in class, and should make their instructor aware of any special considerations.

Q: Do I need any special clothes or shoes?

A: No! Any comfortable, non-binding street clothes and walking shoes will do for classes. We do require school t-shirts and black pants for our demonstration teams.

 Q: What is the main principle of Tai Chi Chuan?

A: Relax!